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Mekle's Trade Lists

You can find a list of the coins I'm looking for below. I've included notes on my preferences for editions also. Below that, you'll find what I have available to trade now, and what I'm expecting in the next several weeks to a month to have available.

I'm aware that there is a wide variance in the relative values of some of the coins below. Please be aware that I will not be accepting straight-across trade offers for commonly available coins in return for some of my AE coins, as their availability is sometimes very low, often below 10. Conversely, I may be willing to part with multiple AEs in return for a hard to find, high demand coin from my list.

I considered including priorities next to each of the coins below, but decided that was going to be too hard to quantify or maintain.

A list of what is currently in my collection can be found here.

Seeking List

CoinEdition Notes
Neptune's CompassArctic Ocean preferred
Elements Compass: EarthShiny Gold preferred
Earth Turtle Oceania
Colonel CachingtonCopper Dragon
Colonel CachingtonSilver Unicorn
Dragon LadonAny
Viking HelmetTwo Tone Silver/Gold
Seal of Soloman10 Anniversary Satin Silver
Colors of GeocachingSatin Silver
Backyard Birds/HummingbirdAntique Silver
Tree of LifeMystery Finish
Tree of LifeBlue on Silver or Dark Blue on Silver
Tempting the FatesAny besides the 'special' with the book
Hedge Hopper
Chutlhu Cacher(Mystery Coin)
Celtic Sun
Celtic Moon
Celtic Star
Scout KnifeBlue preferred
Cache or Charge
Stargate: Anubis
Stargate: Ra
Stargate: Thor
Stargate: Sutech
Stargate: Serpent Warrior
Stargate: Horus
Robin Hood (Quiver and Arrows)Antique Copper preferred

Available to Trade

Road's EndAE: Mekle (Antique Silver, Translucent Castle)
Road's EndAE: NepoKama (Antique Silver, Opaque Castle)
Road's EndLE: Antique Copper
Road's EndRE: Black Nickel
Elements Compass: AirShiny Gold
Netsuke: Water LilySatin Silver
Voyages of Exploration: SeaAE: Sunset (Copper)
Voyages of Exploration: SeaAE: Midnight (Black Nickel)
Voyages of Exploration: SeaLE: Dawn (Antique Bronze)
Voyages of Exploration: LandAE: Sunset (Copper)
Voyages of Exploration: LandAE: Midnight (Black Nickel)
Voyages of Exploration: AirAE: Sunset (Copper)
Voyages of Exploration: AirAE: Midnight (Black Nickel)
Voyages of Exploration: SpaceAE: Sunset (Copper)
Voyages of Exploration: SpaceAE: Midnight (Black Nickel)
Voyages of Exploration: All*very* Small quantities of REs and LEs
Spring TimeAE: Antique Copper
Spring Time*very* Small quantities of AS and AG
Summer TimeAE: Satin Silver
Summer TimeEclipse AE: Black Nickel
Sun RoseAE: Black Rose
Dragon TailsAE: "Iron" - Shiny Copper
Dragon Tails*very* Small quantities of other editions

Coming Soon

No Pending DesignsEditions Unknown

There are probably other designs on the way, but I recommend you watch our site for news of those, at